Terms and Conditions

Please READ thoroughly the following Terms and Conditions for all events held at 1 Victoria Street Conference Centre.  Booking on Behalf of an External Body  Organisers of all events should be reminded that they are held responsible for all parts of the event.

A list of all external delegates must be provided 5 days prior to the event for the delegate passes to be processed.  

Ministerial Meetings  

A BIS Ministerial event is one that is organised through the Minister’s office, not one where a Minister is an invitee. Any conference room booking throughout the BIS estate is accepted on the understanding that it could be amended or even cancelled at short notice due to Ministerial requirements or security considerations. The Conference Management Team will make every effort to ensure that Ministerial events cause the least disruption to other events in the Conference Centre. If, in the unlikely event, we have no option but to cancel your booking the Conference Management will offer to find you an alternative venue.  

Room Allocations and Equipment

 All Conference rooms are allocated the day before the event and will not appear on the detail sheet. We cannot guarantee a specific room due to possible Ministerial preferences but will make note of any special room requests. The Conference Centre will accept no responsibility or liability with respect to loss or damage to personal property brought onto the premises by the customers, their employees or guests. The customers, their employees and guests shall ensure compliance to any reasonable instructions given in respect of Security and Health & Safety. The final cut-off point for any amendment to the number of delegates and/or event times is 5 working days prior to the day of the event, in order to avoid incurring charges. Audiovisual Equipment must be ordered in advance to ensure suitability and availability. The Conference Centre reserves the right to substitute alternative equipment to that which is booked. The Conference Centre will however provide equipment of a similar standard within the same location.·        

The customer shall be responsible for the cost of repairs, replacement of parts and/or installation costs following damage to the equipment caused by negligence of the customer, employees or guests. Any equipment loaned from the Conference Office is the responsibility of the customer until such time as the equipment is returned as shown on the register of loans. The customer can request the Conference Office to retain the equipment whilst the meeting room is left unattended or request alternative methods of security for the equipment e.g. lock the conference room. The customer shall be responsible for the cost of replacement due to loss or theft of the equipment whilst in their care caused by the negligence of the customers, their employees or guests. All hosts/organisers are advised to supply their own laptop for use with Conference Centre equipment. However, it is recommended that all presentations be backed up to memory stick. In the event of personal laptop failure, an emergency laptop can be requested, however the availability cannot be guaranteed.  

Virus control: Where computer equipment is on loan, the customer shall ensure that any disks and information loaded onto the equipment is virus-free prior to loading. The customer shall remain responsible for all costs associated with the removal of viral corruption of any IT equipment loaned. Pirate software: The customer shall only install genuine and licensed copies of software. Pirate copies shall not be made of any software supplied by the Department or Conference Centre. The Conference Office must be notified at least 48 hours in advance, should the customer, employee or guest wish to load any programmes onto loaned equipment. All programmes loaded by the customer shall be removed at the end of the loan period.  An infrared induction loop system is available for anyone who has a hearing impairment. Please request this at time of booking.  

Minimum numbers

 We accept minimum bookings of no less than 10 delegates. Events with lower numbers will have to be charged for 10 people.Our minimum number for room C8/9 is 150 delegates. 

Cancellation Charges

 To ensure that unnecessary cancellations are kept to a minimum, a cancellation charge will be made in the following instances: Events cancelled 11-20 working days prior to the day of the event will be 50% chargeable (of total cost).Events cancelled 1-10 working days prior to the day of the event will be 100% chargeable (of total cost).A reduction in the number of attendees less than 2 working week prior to the day of the event (3 weeks for large events of 50 people) will be charged based on the original number. Catering charges: Should you need to cancel any catering on your booking, we require:48hours notice for any food orders without a charge being incurred  2 hours for any beverage orders without a charge being incurred.Catering cancellations do NOT apply to the Day Delegate Rate (DDR).